Frequently Asked Questions

Dates are written as ddmmyy i.e. 080708 will be 8th of July, 2008.
Web sites that post schedules for transportation will often number the days;
day 1 is Monday, day 2 is Tuesday, day 3 is Wednesday, day 4 is Thursday, day 5 is Friday, day 6 is Saturday and day 7 is Sunday.
Hours are written as the 24 hour clock as opposed to am/pm, i.e. 6pm is 1800.

If you are placing an international telephone call from the US, make sure you have a calling plan that will cover where you are calling, before you make the call. or you might get an unexpected high phone bill. If you do not have this kind of plan, the easiest is to buy an international calling card and use this. It is easy and convenient and you can buy these cards at several locations
(Costco, RiteAid, Best Buy, Safeway just to mention a few )

The month of May 2016 will have these holidays  May 1, May 5 (Anscension Day ), May 17 ( National Day ) and May 15 and 16 (Whitsun weekend ).

If you are traveling on any of these dates, make sure you are reading the correct schedule as there will be changes to the regular schedule due to the holidays. You might also make sure to book tickets for the express boat if you are traveling on the boat for these dates or the date before. This due to lot of local people will be traveling for the holidays.

The transportation system is all regulated by county and state and there are not different companies competing in the same area. This means you do not need to worry about finding a better dea l offered by a different company. The Railway is all operated by NSB. The boats and the buses in our area is all operated by Fjord1 and NORLED. As long as you are on the web sites for these companies and affiliated companies you will find the current info. The rates offered by these companies are the official rates. For the boats and the buses, you do not need to book in advance to get the better deal. As long as you fulfill the requirements, you will get the rebate when you buy the tickets direct from the Tourist Offices, on the boats or the boat companies ticket offices. It is recommended to make reservation on all the boats and trains.

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